New Zealand Road Rules

Maugers Rentals wishes your family or tour group safe and happy travelling. On picking up your minivan, coach or people mover, we will give you a thorough Safety Briefing. However, we strongly advise that if you do not have a full understanding of New Zealand Road Rules, please learn as much as possible prior to picking up your rental vehicle.

Top Tip: In New Zealand we drive on the LEFT side of the road.

What Drivers Licence do you need in New Zealand?

Please note that to drive any of Maugers Rentals rental vehicles, the Driver/s will need a Class 1 Licence. If the Driver/s will be rewarded (paid) for driving, they will also need a ‘P’ class endorsement on their Licence. To find out how to apply for endorsements, phone the NZTA's driver licensing contact centre: 0800 822 422 or see the Licence and endorsements section of the NZTA website.

Click here for full information about the New Zealand Road Code (New Zealand Transport Authority website)

Click here for New Zealand Transport Authority Booklet for Overseas Drivers (PDF)


DO keep LEFT at all times unless overtaking. Every year, crossing the centre line is a leading cause of many NZ road accidents. (Note: The driver’s seat in New Zealand vehicles is on the right-hand side.)
DO Give Way - make sure you understand New Zealand’s Give Way Rules.
DO follow the speed limits – they are there for good reasons and New Zealand roads can be hilly, narrow and windy. The maximum speed on any open road is 100km/h. The maximum speed in urban areas is 50km/h.
DO fasten your seatbelt - if you crash, it can be the difference between life and death.
DO understand the meaning of New Zealand road signs.
DO NOT overtake (pass) another vehicle unless there is at least 100 metres of clear road in front of you throughout your overtaking manoeuvre – including after you finish overtaking.
DO NOT cross a solid yellow line if it is on your side of the centre line (including if there are double yellow lines).
DO NOT drive when tired or drowsy – stop and take a break, and if possible, share the driving; if another person in your group has the skills and correct Class 1 Licence to do so (plus ‘P’ endorsement if required).
DO NOT pull over to take photos where it is unsafe.


Be sure to read the New Zealand Road Code in full before you start driving in New Zealand. Click here for information about where to buy the Road Code. The Drive Safe website also has information about driving safely in New Zealand.